Great Chemistry Scientists, Researchers , Inventors

Daniel RutherfordDaniel Rutherford – discoverer of nitrogen gas



Karl Friedrich Mohr Karl Friedrich Mohr – inventor of Mohr’s clip






Joel Henry HildebrandJoel Henry Hildebrand – introducer of helium element






Marie CurieMarie Curie – discoverer of radioactive elements






Ronald George Wreyford NorrishRonald George Wreyford Norrish – inventor of norrish reactions



Latest chemistry research news

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in bottled water – German researchers have identified endrocrine-disrupting chemicals in 18 bottled water products. Of 24,520 suspect chemicals, the one that showed consistent results across all tests and displayed anti-androgenic and anti-estrogenic activity is di 2-ethylhexyl fumarate…….Read more

Cilantro may remove toxic heavy metals from water, finds new study – According to a new research, cilantro (coriander), the favourite ingredient in Mexican, Southeast Asian and other spicy cuisine may be an inexpensive new way of purifying drinking water……Read more

New promising research for cleaner, safer pharmaceuticals – A ground-breaking method, developed by chemistry research group at the University of Copenhagen has promised cleaner and safer pharmaceuticals. This method opens a new chest of tools. …..Read more

Positively charged ions attract each other in aqueous solution – A research team led by Richard Saykally, Lab Chemist, Berkeley and theorist David Prendergast, working at the Advanced Light Source, has shown that, when hydrated in water, positively charged ions (cations) can actually pair up with one another…..Read more

Paralysis of silkworm promises better silk technology –  Oxford University researchers have harnessed the natural defence mechanism of silkworms, which causes paralysis, in what is a major step towards the large-scale production of silks with tailor-made properties….. Read more

Research towards fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria – Researchers at McMaster University are using a new approach to fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The discovery is important as antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a growing public health threat worldwide….Read more

Latest chemical industry news

BASF acquires biotechnology company, Verenium – BASF has entered into an agreement to commence a cash tender offer for all of the outstanding shares of common stock of the biotechnology company Verenium Corporation for $4.00 per share. The enterprise value of the transaction is approximately $62 million….. Read more

Teijin develops biodegradable adhesion prevention gel – Teijin Limited has developed an adhesion prevention gel made with a plant-based biodegradable polymer that is expected to be effectively applied to laparoscopic surgery. The company plans to commercialize the material by 2020…… Read more


Latest chemistry research news

charcoal, water Charcoal can free hydrogen from water, finds new study – In the latest advance in efforts to find an inexpensive way to make hydrogen from ordinary water – scientists are reporting that powder from high-grade charcoal and other forms of carbon can free hydrogen from water illuminated with laser pulses……Read more



Researchers find the reason for blood clotting disorder – Research team at The University of Texas has found the variation that was causing the clotting problem in the case it wasn’t hemophilia. Professor Dianna Milewicz,  collaborated with other researchers to pinpoint exactly how the variation was causing the clotting problem…..Read more

flavonoids, immune systemHuman immune system has large effect with small changes to dietary flavonoids – Scientists at the University of York have discovered that very small chemical changes to dietary flavonoids cause very large effects when the plant natural products are tested for their impact on the human immune system……Read more

Blue-green algae converts waste to fuel efficiently – In the universe of the microbiological world, there is a current species of blue-green algae that, through its powers of photosynthesis and carbon dioxide fixation, or uptake, can produce ethanol, hydrogen, butanol, isobutanol and potentially biodiesel…..Read more



Molybdenum disulfide improves electronic devices –  Researchers at Kansas State University has discovered that a new member of the ultrathin materials family has great potential to improve electronic and thermal devices. Researchers found molybdenum disulfide can manipulate with gold atoms improves electrical characteristics…. Read more


Scientists explain new type of chemical reaction – Previous studies have shown the existence of 36 basic types of chemical reactions. New research has added a 37th type of reaction to the list. The new reaction is an important part of atmospheric reactions that lead to the formation of climate-affecting aerosols; biochemical reactions that may be important for human physiology….Read more

Latest chemical industry news

research centreBASF opens new research centre in Research Triangle Park, US – BASF opened its new research facilities in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, US. This $33 million expansion includes 80,000 square feet of office, laboratory, climate-controlled greenhouse and laboratories for plant biotechnology research as well as a new environmentally-controlled insect production facility to expand insect control research….. Read more

Total to close steam cracker at Carling, France – Total SA will shut a money-losing steam cracker at Carling in France and invest €160 million ($211 million) in making resin and polymers at the site in a bid to boost profitability of petrochemicals production. The closure in the second half of 2015 will result in a net loss of 210 jobs without redundancies….. Read more

Arkema constructs low global warming potential refrigerant gas plant – Arkema is moving forward with the construction of a 1234yf low global warming potential (LGWP) refrigerant gas production plant with an anticipated start-up in 2016. Forane 1234yf refrigerant gas will serve the future needs and satisfy regulations in the global automotive mobile air conditioning industry….. Read more