Latest chemistry research news

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in bottled water – German researchers have identified endrocrine-disrupting chemicals in 18 bottled water products. Of 24,520 suspect chemicals, the one that showed consistent results across all tests and displayed anti-androgenic and anti-estrogenic activity is di 2-ethylhexyl fumarate…….Read more

Cilantro may remove toxic heavy metals from water, finds new study – According to a new research, cilantro (coriander), the favourite ingredient in Mexican, Southeast Asian and other spicy cuisine may be an inexpensive new way of purifying drinking water……Read more

New promising research for cleaner, safer pharmaceuticals – A ground-breaking method, developed by chemistry research group at the University of Copenhagen has promised cleaner and safer pharmaceuticals. This method opens a new chest of tools. …..Read more

Positively charged ions attract each other in aqueous solution – A research team led by Richard Saykally, Lab Chemist, Berkeley and theorist David Prendergast, working at the Advanced Light Source, has shown that, when hydrated in water, positively charged ions (cations) can actually pair up with one another…..Read more

Paralysis of silkworm promises better silk technology –  Oxford University researchers have harnessed the natural defence mechanism of silkworms, which causes paralysis, in what is a major step towards the large-scale production of silks with tailor-made properties….. Read more

Research towards fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria – Researchers at McMaster University are using a new approach to fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The discovery is important as antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a growing public health threat worldwide….Read more

Latest chemical industry news

BASF acquires biotechnology company, Verenium – BASF has entered into an agreement to commence a cash tender offer for all of the outstanding shares of common stock of the biotechnology company Verenium Corporation for $4.00 per share. The enterprise value of the transaction is approximately $62 million….. Read more

Teijin develops biodegradable adhesion prevention gel – Teijin Limited has developed an adhesion prevention gel made with a plant-based biodegradable polymer that is expected to be effectively applied to laparoscopic surgery. The company plans to commercialize the material by 2020…… Read more