New promising research for producing chemical fuel from copper

Researchers at Duke University are looking to use copper to transform sunlight and water into a chemical fuel. Converting solar energy into storable fuel remains one of the greatest challenges of modern chemistry. One of the ways chemists have tried to capture the power of the sun is through water splitting…. Read more

Earth remain warm for centuries, even if the CO2 emission stops

A new research claims that even if carbon dioxide emissions came to a sudden halt, the carbon dioxide already in Earth’s atmosphere could continue to warm our planet for hundreds of years. The study suggests that it might take a lot less carbon than previously thought to reach the global temperature scientists deem unsafe…. Read more

New material stores large amount of hydrogen

An international team of researchers has synthesized a new material that stores an unusually large amount of hydrogen. Performing high-pressure X-ray studies, the scientists detected the formation of previously unobserved iridium hydride from hydrogen and metallic iridium at a pressure of 55 gigapascals (GPa)….. Read more

Ancient Roman glass inspires nanotechnology research

A 1700-year-old Roman glass cup is inspiring University of Adelaide researchers in their search for new ways to exploit nanoparticles and their interactions with light. Researchers are investigating how to best embed nanoparticles in glass – instilling the glass with the properties of the nanoparticles it contains…. Read more