Plastics, resins, rubber, enzymes, polymers, sodium hydroxide…

Chemistry of Plastics, Resins, Rubber

Plastics are made up of polymers, but some polymers like biopolymers are not plastics. Plastic materials are being used in day to day life like computers, pen, mobile phones, compact discs, pendrive, toothbrushes and much more… Read more

Chemistry of Enzymes, Polymers

Enzymes are biomolecules, biocatalysts, complex proteins that drives thousands of metabolic processes in living things. Without enzymes there is no respiration process, digestion processes in animals and no photosynthesis process in plants… Read more

Sodium hydroxide – cleaning, sanitization agent in chromatography media and columns

Sodium hydroxide is most often handled as an aqueous solution and used for the manufacture of sodium salts and detergents, for pH regulation, and for organic synthesis… Read more

Sodium hydroxide – modern manufacturing methods

NaOH is widely used inorganic industrial chemical. Worldwide there is high demand for caustic soda due to its wide spread applications in daily lives. NaOH can be prepared by different manufacturing processes… Read more