Carbon nanotube, new bacteria, vibrational proteins, candles, tv…

Carbon nanotube soaks up water contaminants efficiently

A carbon nanotube sponge is capable of soaking up water contaminants, such as fertilisers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, more than three times more efficiently than previous efforts… Read more


Newly discovered bacteria may help in industry, environmental protection

Colonies of bacteria buried deep in the mud along the banks of a remote salt lake near Yosemite National Park, California, US are found to have unusual property: they breathe a toxic metal to survive… Read more


Scientists observe the vibrations of lysozyme

A new study provides the evidence that the human body vibrate in different patterns, like the strings on a violin or the pipes of an organ… Read more


Scientists find similarity between candle, television screen

Candle and television, the two vastly different products have much more in common than we might imagine. The study found that paraffin wax used to make candles,  align in a similar way to molecules in liquid crystal before they slide into their final positions , like your television screen… Read more