chemistry of ceramics

Every day in our homes we are using smooth, beautiful designed coffee cups, tea cups, plates and bowls. These should be handled carefully and proper maintenance required. Even in laboratories mortar and pestles lab ware manufactured by using special kind of material. All these kind of utensils and lab ware are made up of ceramic.

Ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds-primarily compounds of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, boron, and silicon. Ceramics includes the manufacture of earthenware, porcelain, bricks, sewer pipe and electrical insulators.

Ceramics was started using in time of Neolithic time. In this 20th centaury their uses reached to bowls to semiconductors. Some kind of advanced ceramics include alumina ceramics are using in missiles and rocket nose cones. Other advanced usage includes uranium dioxide (UO2) ceramics used in nuclear power plant elements, laser materials, ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric materials. Read More

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