wristband detects chemicals, bioplastics from shrimp shells, beer to fight dental diseases, milk jugs to 3D printer filaments

New wristband to detect chemical exposures

Scientists have made a new wristband to determine the potential disease risks of exposure to substances like pesticides. Commercially available wristbands are made of silicone, which absorbs a wide range of compounds… Read more 

Scientist develop bioplastics from shrimp shells

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have developed a method to carry out large-scale manufacturing of everyday objects – from cell phones to food containers and toys – using a fully degradable bioplastic isolated from shrimp shells… Read more 

Discarded hop leaves in beer brewing to fight dental diseases

Scientists reported that the part of hops that isn’t used for making beer contains healthful antioxidants and could be used to battle cavities and gum disease… Read more


Converting milk jugs to 3D printer filament

Researchers have shown that making a plastic 3D printer filament from milk jugs uses less energy – often a lot less -than recycling milk jugs conventionally… Read more