Chemistry research news

Laughter increases memory, finds new study

A new study has revealed that humor and laughter can help lessen the damage that stress hormone cortisol has on memory and learning ability in the elderly. Cortisol decreases memory hippocampal neurons, lowers the blood pressure, and increases blood flow and mood state… Read more  


Yawning cools the brain, says new study

Researchers from the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Nova Southeastern University and SUNY College at Oneonta, USA highlight a link with thermoregulation, and in particular, brain cooling… Read more


Newly developed regenerating material grows back after damage

Researchers at University of Illinois have developed materials that not only heal, but regenerate. Until now, self-repairing materials could only bond tiny microscopic cracks. The new regenerating materials fill in large cracks and holes by regrowing material… Read more 

Crop nutrients will fall with increase in carbon dioxide, say researchers

Researchers say that as carbon dioxide levels rise this century, some grains and legumes will become significantly less nutritious than they are today. The researchers looked at multiple varieties crops grown in fields with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels like those expected in the middle of this century… Read more

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