Energy storage, DNA pyramid, killing antibiotic bacteria, killing cancer cells

Study of mechanics of photosynthesis promises efficient energy storage system

Biophysics researchers at the University of Michigan have used short pulses of light to peer into the mechanics of photosynthesis and illuminate the role that molecule vibrations play in the energy conversion process that powers life on our planet… Read more


Tiny DNA pyramids kill bacteria more efficiently

Bacterial infections usually announce themselves with pain and fever but often can be defeated with antibiotics – and then there are those that are sneaky and hard to beat. Now, scientists have built a new weapon against such pathogens in the form of tiny DNA pyramids that can flag bacteria and kill more of them than medicine alone… Read more


New method to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria

The infection causing bacteria have mechanisms that resist drugs, just like our bodies resist bacteria. This is the reason why doctors increase the dosage of medicine each for the same infection. A research team from Bangalore, India have developed a novel way to attack these bacteria, which gives the organisms little chance of developing resistance… Read more


New formulation of chemotherapy drug to kill cancer cells effectively

University of Georgia researchers have developed a new formulation of cisplatin, a common chemotherapy drug that significantly increases the drug’s ability to target and destroy cancerous cells. It is an effective drug, but many cancerous cells develop resistance to the treatment… Read more