Protein linked to heart attack and much more…

Researchers identify protein linked to heart attack

A protein that increases levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, also referred to as ‘bad’ cholesterol, in the bloodstream is associated with heart attacks, says a study… Read more

New metallic alloy is tough and ductile at cryogenic temperatures

A new concept in metallic alloy design – called “high-entropy alloys” – has yielded a multiple-element material that has been tested for toughness… Read more

Towards removing cancer cells completely, reducing recurrence

Scientists are developing a new way to try to root out malignant cells during surgery so fewer or none get left behind to form new tumors… Read more

Energy drinks may lead to serious heart problems

Energy drink gives instant energy boost and are hot-sellers, especially when paired with alcohol in night clubs. Health experts have questioned the side-effects of energy drinks time and again but the argument has so far been inconclusive… Read

Lead, cadmium found in some Brazilian chocolates

Scientists have found that commercial samples of chocolate purchased in Brazil contain varying levels of lead and cadmium, which can cause health problems… Read more


Drinking tea reduces risk of dying early, finds new study

According to a study presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), drinking tea can reduce the risk of dying early from causes unrelated to the heart by almost 24 per cent… Read more

New method to grow germanium nanowires, improves lithium ion batteries

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed what they call “a simple, one-step method” to grow nanowires of germanium from an aqueous solution… Read more

New method to prevent organic food fraud

scientists studying conventional and organic tomatoes are devising a new way to make sure farms are labelling their produce appropriately… Read more