Chemicals in your Smartphone and much more

Chemicals in your Smartphone…

A new video reveals the chemical elements found inside Apple’s latest iPhone. The video reveals that the iPhone 6, like many other high-end smartphones, contains everything from gold to arsenic… Read more

Scientists create new transparent coating for glass

Rice University scientists who created a deicing film for radar domes have now refined the technology to work as a transparent coating for glass… Read more

Scientists develop water-based nuclear battery

for the first time using a water-based solution, researchers at the University of Missouri have created a long-lasting and more efficient nuclear battery that could be used for many applications… Read more

Scientists find new halogenation enzyme

Molecules containing carbon-halogen bonds are produced naturally across all kingdoms of life and constitute a large family of natural products with a broad range of biological activities… Read more

New method to produce hydrogen 30 times faster

Researchers at University of Glasgow have reported a new method of producing hydrogen that’s 30 times faster than current state-of-the-art methods, providing yet another advance that might one day lead to a sustainable hydrogen based economy… Read more

Novel approach to convert fog into water

A novel approach to this process could help meet affected communities’ needs for the life-essential resource. Scientists describe their new, highly efficient fog collector, inspired by a shorebird’s beak… Read more

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