Ebola, microrockets, hand blenders, uranium from sea water, new membrane, wood to chemicals…

Copper could help prevent spread of Ebola, say scientists

Copper could help prevent spread of Ebola, say scientistsResearch from the University of Southampton has indicated that copper could help to prevent the spread of Ebola… Read more


Water fuel microrockets to fight against chemical and biological weapons

With fears growing over chemical and biological weapons falling into the wrong hands, scientists are developing microrockets to fight back against these dangerous agents, which use water as fuel… Read more

Hand blenders emits chlorinated paraffins, finds new study

Eight out of twelve tested models of hand blenders are leaking chlorinated paraffins when used according to the suppliers’ instructions. This is revealed in a report from Stockholm University… Read more


New method to extract uranium from sea water

Scientists have long known that seawater contains small concentrations of valuable metals, but a technologically feasible extraction method has remained elusive… Read more 

New membrane with adjustable pore size

A newly developed membrane, can be made more or less porous ‘on demand.’In this way, smart switching between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ is possible, which opens the way to innovative applications in biosensors, chemical analysis and catalysisRead more

New method to convert wood into chemicals

Scientists disclosed a new method to convert lignin, a biomass waste product, into simple chemicals. The innovation is an important step toward replacing petroleum-based fuels and chemicals with biorenewable materialsRead more








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