Safe cosmetics for beautiful makeovers

Safe cosmetics for beautiful makeovers

Won’t it be nice to have a radiant, skin-kissed glow all the time? How great it would be to have your eyebrows in shape, bright, glossy lips, flawless skin and perfectly styled hair? It not just gives you that ultimate chic look but also uplifts the confidence, making you more presentable. Read More


New carbon-free public bus that charges in 15 seconds

abb-tosa-busGENEVA, SWITZERLAND: ABB Ltd, Geneva’s public transport operator TGP, the Office of Promotion of Industries and Technologies, and the Geneva power Utility SIG have joined forces to develop electric buses that need just 15 seconds of charge to run a whole 2 km.  Read More




Controlling Chemical Reactions using Electric Fields

michelle-coote-arc-centre-of-excellenceIn an interview Professor Michelle Coote, a member of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electro Materials Science, Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University shares the idea of controlling chemical reactions with electric fields –using either externally applied fields, or the short-range electric fields generated by charged functional groups within catalysts or substrates. Read More

Polyhydroxyalkanoates: Bacterial derived Polymers | Green Polymers can be used in Medical & Soil

ipsita-roy-university-of-westminsterBacterial derived polymers called Polyhy­droxyalkanoates (PHAs) are highly biocompatible and also biodegradable, both in the body, so you can use it in the medical application and also in the soil as they are also green polymers. I have chosen to use them in the medical applications; because there are quite a few cheap degradable green polymers in the market for use in bulk applications such as packag­ing, making carry bags etc. Read More


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