Why Chillies are so Hot? Read the Chemistry behind Red Hot Chillies

Why Chillies are so Hot? Read the Chemistry behind Red Hot Chillies

red-chilliesWhen you’ve eaten spicy food in precise chillies you will get tears in your eyes, and your mouth feels burning sensation and as a course of action spontaneously you will have a glass of water to suppress the hotness. But still after having a glass of water you feel to drink more water! All this kind of taste, burning sensation and heat on your tongue is due to a chemical named ‘Capsaicin’ which is present in chillies. Read More


Benzene: A carcinogen found in soft drink | People falling Sick after having carbonated drinks or soft drinks

shutterstock164204915Within 20 minutes of drinking a soft drink blood sugar spikes and your liver responds to the resulting insulin burst by turning massive amounts of sugar into fat. The continuing insulin burst, over time, eventually creates insulin resistance and finally diabetes can be the result. Read More



Christian Friedrich Schönbein Discoverer of Ozone was born on Oct 18, 1799 – Complete Biography

christian-friedrich-schonbeinChristian Friedrich Schonbein was a German-Swiss chemist born on October 18, 1799 – died on August 29, 1868. Schonbein was best known for inventing fuel cell, discovering guncotton and ozone. Ozone is a colorless or slightly bluish, inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O3. It is a pale blue gas with a distinctively. Read More



AkzoNobel supplies micronutrients for cities to adopt urban gardens


AkzoNobel NV has created a vertical garden that shows the power of urban gardens to rejuvenate (refresh) cities and make lives more livable and exciting. This helps to change an unwelcoming area of cement into a bright and more fascinating space for locality inhabitants. Read More

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