Chemicals that are Necessary for Sports

Chemicals that are Necessary for Sports

chemicals-in-sports-equipmentSports and physical activities have been part of the natural endeavors of humans in earth. The primeval records of sports activities date back to the First Olympics Games in 776 B.C. in Greece. Since then, the human yearning for participating in sports activities and this activity has pushed civilizations to create more structure to more sports games. Read More

GST Implementation in India will Benefit Chemical Industries

dr-joerg-strassburger-gstDr Joerg Strassburger, Founder and CEO, Go East Advisors GmbH shares his views with Chemical Today magazine on GST to be implemented in India. Before founding Go East, Dr Strassburger was the Country Representative and Managing Director of LANXESS India Pvt Ltd from 2005 to 2014. That the government was finally able to win support for the GST legislation. Read More

Check the Role of Chlorine in Day to Day Life

chlorine-tabletsChlorine is the most abundant member of the halogen family of periodic table elements. Chlorine is an important chemical in our day-to-day life. Chlorine is a clear amber-colored liquid about 1.5 times heavier than water. Gaseous chlorine is greenish-yellow, about 2.5 times as heavier than air. Read More

Lanxess Starts New Marketing/Sales Segment to Focus on E&E Industry

lanxess-eeCOLOGNE, GERMANY: To meet rising demand of the thermoplastics use in electrical and electronics industry (E&E), Lanxess’s high-performance materials business unit is increasing its operations, by setting a new E&E marketing and sales segment. This segment collects the resources for the E&E industry and organises them in a more focused way. Read More

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