Fischer Esterification Reaction Discovered By Hermann Emil Louis Fischer

Fischer Esterification Reaction

fischer-esterification-reaction-copyFischer’s researches included the discovery of phenylhydrazine drug compound. By 1878 he figured out the chemical formula for phenylhydrazine, and this discovery stimulated other researches leading to the development of such synthetic drugs as novocaine. In 1881 Fischer began investigations into a new field, purine chemistry, identifying three amino acids and synthesizing many more. Read More

Eco enzymes –an organic cleaning solution

eco-enzymesBeverages is the leading application segment within the global food flavours market. Can you imagine that the waste from your kitchen can be something more than just garbage? In fact, that garbage can clean your house, your neighbourhood and the entire ecosystem. Just a little effort and coordination can transform kitchen waste into a million dollar eco enzymes industry, which can make this planet a better place to live in. Read More

Organic cosmetics: unleashing beauty from the roots

organic-cosmeticsAfter decades of drenching the skin into different types of chemical ingredients, consumers across the globe have finally started to realise – what is natural, needs to be preserved and protected in a natural way. And thus, began the search for beauty from the core of nature. Neither are these a part of some exotic recipe. These are instead some of the ingredients used by global cosmetic companies to bring out youthful radiance. Read More

New age capsules of microscopic ‘grenades’

feature-nanomedicineFor decades, patients suffering from life-threatening ailments such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, AIDS and brain disorders, have been at the mercy of time. However, as the scopes of modern medicines broaden their horizons, health has succeeded – to reign over diseases. One such medical wonder is nanomedicine, which is dramatically changing the way medical science works. Read More

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