Potassium Bitartrate Commonly Known as Cream of Tartar

Potassium Bitartrate is commonly known as Cream of Tartar

potassium-bitartratePotassium Bitartrate is commonly known as Cream of Tartar. But, What is Cream of Tartar and What Does it Do in our kitchen? You have probably seen Cream of Tartar in recipes, or at least have seen it in the grocery store. Perhaps you’ve even used it in a recipe–it’s a common ingredient for meringues or meringue toppings. Cream of Tartar’s chemical name is potassium bitartrate/potassium hydrogen tartrate. Read More

Goal of Every Industry is to be Eco-Friendly

ashish-soparkar-meghmani-organicsIn an interview Ashish Soparkar, Managing Director, Meghmani Organics Limited with Chemical Today magazine opens up about the global trends in the pigments industry and ways in which pesticide industry is looking for a transformation with focused chemicals. The trends are towards technological developments to match the increasing demand for digital ink. Read More

Mussel serve as inspiration for a new type of underwater adhesive

michigan-technological-university-mussels-1ARLINGTON, US: Even the strongest glues breakdown when soaked, but one scientist at Michigan Technological University (MTU) has created a nature-inspired adhesive (glue) that stays sticky when wet. With support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Dr Bruce Lee, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at MTU, uses a protein produced by mussels to create a reversible synthetic glue. Read More

Researchers shed new light on identifying diseases

nagoya-university-rna-dnaTSUKUBA, JAPAN: Researchers use pieces of RNA and DNA with exact nucleotide sequences to identify others with balancing sequences, signifying, for instance, the presence of a specific kind of virus or diseases. Scientists in Japan have recently improved the existing probing techniques using a cyanine dye called Cy3. RNA and DNA reviews are predictably made using pieces of strands that have nucleotide sequences on either end that match each other. Read More