Role of Oxalic Acid in Human Body

Role of Oxalic Acid in Human Body | List of Oxalic Acid Foods

oxalic-acid-foods-1Oxalic Acid belonging to the family of carboxylic acids and this chemical also termed as Ethanedioic Acid. Oxalic acid is widely used as an acid rinse in laundries, where it can able to remove rust and ink stains because of its capability of converting insoluble iron compounds into a soluble complex ion. For the same reason, it is the chief ingredient of many commercial preparations used for removing scale from automobile radiators. Read More

New structure of bacterial enzyme produces biodegradable plastics

mit-bacterial-enzymeMASSACHUSETTS, US: Chemists at MIT have discovered the structure of a bacterial enzyme that can produce biodegradable plastics, a progress that could help chemical engineers change the enzyme to make it even more useful for the industries. The enzyme produces long polymer chains that can make hard or soft plastics, liable on the starting materials that go into them. Read More

Finding eco-friendly ways of making paper

anupam-kumar-paper-research-instituteIn an interview Anupam Kumar, a junior scientist in Physical Chemistry, Pulping and Bleaching Division, at Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute in India with Chemical Today magazine speaks at length about the various innovative researches happening with non-conventional raw materials which hold the potential to make this industry more cost effective and environment friendly. Read More

Discoverer of Radium & Polonium

pierre-curiePolonium is chemically resembles bismuth element and was found as a fraction of the bismuth sulfide in pitchblende ore. Polonium-210 is the only naturally occurring isotope. Polonium widely used in space probes heaters, antistatic devices, and sources of neutrons and alpha particles. Chemical properties of polonium like it dissolve readily in dilute acids, but slightly soluble in alkalis. Read More