Expanding the Chemistry of Zinc

Expanding the chemistry of Zinc

bhuwan-purohit-rubaminIn an interview Bhuwan Purohit, Executive Director & COO – Zinc, Rubin Limited with Chemical Today magazine opens up about the ever-changing market dynamics of zinc oxide, the plethora of opportunities for the Indian market and the global technological advancements that will rule the industry in the near future. Zinc oxide is a surprisingly versatile chemical that finds application in rubber, ceramics, agriculture, coatings, chemicals. Read more

Colours in vegetables, a work of chemistry

vegetablesVegetables are important in rational nutrition and shows favorable influence on the functions of the physiologic human organisms. The chemical composition of vegetables shows high water content, sugars, protein, starch, fat, energy value. Vegetables and fruits are strongly coloured because they contain a chemical compound named carotenoids. These compounds have an area called choromophore, which absorbs. Read More

Waterborne alkyds can enhance the greener profile of future

kent-david-perstorpIn an interview Kent Hamacek, Product Manager, Business Unit Penta and David James, Vice President, Innovation from Perstorp with Chemical Today magazine talks at length about the changing technological dynamics of resin technology. For waterborne alkyd resins, green trend is the driver. There is a great focus on the circular economy involving products total impact where even solvent based alkyds have lower. Read More

Paul Flory – pioneer in polymer science

paul-floryPaul Flory was awarded with various prestigious medals, awards in his life time like Elliott cresson medal in the year of 1971, Nobel Prize for physical chemistry works on macromolecules in the year of 1974, Priestley medal in the year of 1974, Perkin medal in the year of 1977. Flory introduced the concept of excluded volume. The recognition that excluded volume was an important factor in analyzing long-chain molecules. Read More

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