Henry Cavendish the Discoverer of Hydrogen Gas

Henry Cavendish the Discoverer of Hydrogen Gas

henry-cavendishHenry Cavendish was a British natural philosopher, scientist, and an important experimental and theoretical chemist and physicist. He is best noted for his discovery of hydrogen and the properties of different gases, the synthesis of water, measured Earth’s density. His experiment to weigh the Earth has come to be known as the Cavendish experiment. Cavendish determined the specific gravity of these gases. Read More

Industry, government has to work together to achieve sustainability

tfs-dr-jacques-perezIn a discussion Dr Jacques Perez, Vice Chairman, CFO and Managing Director at Lanxess India Pvt Ltd with Chemical Today magazine speaks about the together for sustainability (TfS) initiative and sustainability in the chemical industry. Sustainability is about offering products and solutions to address the challenges of water, agriculture, organisation and transportation while contributing positively to the environment. Read More

Environmental concerns + Demand = Eco-friendly solvents

cover-story-solventsSolvents form an important link in the manufacturing process. But with the rising demand for better quality solvents, there has also been a subsequent rise in the demand for eco-friendly solvents from the industry. And this is why manufacturers are stepping up to change the entire equation of solvent manufacturing. The role of solvents has significantly changed the industrial processes by becoming an invaluable part of various manufacturing. Read More

1500 chemicals in Coffee

coffee-1Coffee plant originated in Africa and Madagascar.Coffee has become a universal and almost indispensable beverage in the modern dietary.It is a very reliable friend, the kind of friend who plays an important role in the various activities we perform during the day. Recent evidence suggests coffee could help prevent type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer disease. Different groups of chemicals present in coffee are. Read More