Chemistry Behind Dreams

Chemistry Behind Dreams

dreamingAll dreams, nightmares and night terrors are all caused by different chemicals being released while you are sleeping. The way you fall asleep is through the activation of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Sleeping is considered as a default state in us but you can’t sleep when ever you required. There are two reasons behind this is. One reason is your body will not support when your brain is active. Read More

Different facets of silicones

feature-silicones-in-auto-industryThe next gen automotive will be governed by low weight, high strength materials and silicones fit the bill. More and more automotive manufacturers are exploring the opportunities that silicones have to offer and are increasingly replacing metal parts with silicones to make vehicles lighter, faster yet sturdier for the future. The dynamics of the automotive industry is being driven by rising environmental concerns which demands for lightweight. Read More

The world will soon get a fresh coat of colour on it

may-cover-pageThe global market for dyes and organic pigments is expected to grow at 6 percent per year to become $20 billion by 2019. Moreover, as the growth in the west is slowly becoming stagnant, the new age growth story of ink and dye industry is being written in Asia. As the industry gets mature and consumers are more aware of health issues, there is a rise in demand for safer inks and dyes. While incorporating the new consumer demands. Read More

Glenn Theodore Seaborg – discoverer of transuranium elements

glenn-theodore-seaborgGlenn Theodore Seaborg was born April 19 1912 in Ishpeming Michigan. He was an American scientist who won the 1951 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “discoveries in the chemistry of the transuranium elements. He spent most of his career as an educator and research scientist at the University of California Berkeley where he became the second Chancellor in its history and served as a University Professor. Read More

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