Major Air Pollutants in India & China

Major Air Pollutants in India & China

air_pollutionThe rate at which we are polluting the air has reached an alarming level, becoming a global concern. According to a research data compiled by “Global Burden of Disease project,” about 5.5 million deaths occur worldwide due to air pollution with China and India on the top of the list. Also, in a recent report by the WHO, the Indian city – Delhi, is among one of the most polluted cities in the world with heavy smog hampering the city’s daily activities. Read More

Toxic chemicals linked to asthma, cancer found in Italian wines

prosecco-italian-white-1VENETO, UK: The arrival of the Christmas season these days is marked by the gentle ‘pop’ of a prosecco cork (an Italian white wine). The pale gold fizz is Britain’s celebratory glass of choice. Cheaper than champagne, with fewer calories than white wine (just 80 per glass, compared with 120) and an alcohol content of just 11 percent, it’s on offer everywhere, including in hairdressers, beauty salons and department stores. Be sure that your Christmas glass. Read More

Perfluorinated chemicals found in Vermont landfills: Officials

vermont-landfillsBENNINGTON, US: Hazardous chemicals linked to cancer and other illnesses have been found near three Vermont landfills. Vermont Public Radio reported that the chemicals Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) have been found in groundwater near landfills in Bennington, Shaftsbury and Halifax. The hazardous chemicals were once used in manufacturing. PFOA has been found in private wells. Read More

Urban landscape promise of a grandeur new world

oct-cover-pageNowadays, while moving through the city, all around you will notice the promise and grandeur a new world that we are moving towards. It is a common sight to see the construction of tall, residential skyscrapers, decorative corporate complexes, metro stations, architectural bridges etc to name a few. Among all the concrete and rubble, you will come across engineers and workers, wearing hard helmets, running around – in a hurry to finish the construction. Along with proper infrastructure development, faster construction is also becoming a critical factor. Read More