The internet of things and the chemical industry

The internet of things and the chemical industry

it-in-chemicals-internet-of-things-1Chemical companies are investing heavily in connected devices to capture, process and use data, attracted by huge commercial opportunities and potential returns on investment. However, a full realisation of those benefits depends on awareness and management of the risks that come with the “Internet of things” (IoT). The IoT is a network of physical objects containing embedded technology gather and communicates data concerning their internal states. Read More

India Chem 2016: A confluence of ideas and innovation

curtain-raiser-india-chem-1The three-day event aims to bring Indian and international players of the chemical industry on the same platform to encourage technology transfer, investment and joint ventures. The Indian chemical industry demonstrates a potential to grow at 9 percent per annum to touch $214 billion by 2019, according to Tata Strategic Management report. This highly diversified sector has more than 80,000 chemicals and currently accounts for 15 percent. Read More

Advanced paper whitening with higher sustainability and cost control

innovation-paper-whiteningArchroma’s new concept brings a reduced OBA dosage, which means fewer chemicals in the process and a reduced environmental footprint. There is every reason to believe that optical brightening agents (OBAs) will have a bright future, despite the highly competitive market in which we find ourselves today. After all, whilst there is a steady decline in production volumes of office papers, there has been a continued interest worldwide in producing papers. Read More

How sniffer dogs can spot diabetes?

snifferdogs-1Do you ever think, can a sniffer dog can able to spot the patients with specific disease? Once you read this question, as an immediate reaction in your mind one question will arise within no matter of time and you will be start thinking.  How it is possible? How it can able to spot? All this ability came to sniffer dogs by a chemical found in your breath, that could provide an indication to warn of dangerously low blood sugar levels in patients. Read More

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