William Ramsay – discoverer of four nobel gases

William Ramsay – discoverer of four noble gases

william-ramsayWilliam Ramsay was a British chemist and Nobel laureate born on October 02, 1852 – died on July 23, 1916. Ramsay was credited with the discovery of four important nobel gases. His work led to the isolation of inert gaseous elements like argon, helium, neon, krypton, xenon and led to the development of a new section of the periodic table. William Ramsay made several important discoveries and wrote many scientific papers regarding the oxides of nitrogen. Read More

Sulfuric acid / oil of vitriol / king of chemicals – industrial production

sulphuric-acidSulfuric acid molecular formula written as H2SO4, with other names includes oil of vitriol, battery acid, and king of chemicals. Sulfuric acid composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur and available forms include dilute sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is formed naturally by the oxidation of sulfide minerals, such as iron sulfide. On earth, sulfuric acid does not exist in a natural form. But on the planet Venus, there are lakes of the sulfuric Acid. Read More

Why do onions make us cry?

cooks-cutting-guardOnion is a good source of nutrients, vitamins B, C and G, protein, starch. It also contains amino acid sulfoxides that form sulfenic acids in the onion cells.As part of chemical defense onions release some gases which makes us cry. Mechanism:  As the onion plants grow, they absorb the sulphurous compounds in the soil; can then break down to form amino acid sulfoxides like S-propenyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide. The enzymes which are responsible for chemical. Read More

Prism Surface at Surface & Coating Expo 2016

prism-at-sc-expoIn a conversation, M K Ganesan, Managing Director, Prism Surface Coating Pvt Ltd, with Shivani Mody from WOC TV speaks about sustainability and challenges in the paint industry.  For the last 100 years, the paint industry is using compressed air as the force for atomising the paint. When used at 6 bar pressure there’s a wastage of 50-60 percent of paint and only 30 to 40 percent of air goes to the component. So, after 100 years, we have launched. Read More