Colours: hues & shades take a shiny turn

Colors: hues & shades take a shiny turn

sector-view-high-performance-pigmentsColours are an integral part of life and have indisputably become an important factor in every industry to appeal to its buyers. Not just the hues, but today colours also need to qualify various other criteria such as texture, longevity, resistance to heat and light etc to be in sync with the changing market demand. While the pigments industry is catching up to these requirements, high performance pigments (HPP) is garnering special attention from various. Read More

Chemistry behind the sweet lure of chocolate

chocolateAre you chocoholic? Not yet! Are you passionate about chocolates and to get pleasurable feelings? Is it chocolates taste makes you feel good or is there any other factors responsible for that? Then one must know the chemistry behind the chocolate making and why chocolate is considered as the feel-good factor, mood-alternating factor etc. Chocolate contains more than 300 – 500 known chemicals, some of which react within the human brain to alter. Read More

8,400 – 10,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke!

PrintHow many chemicals could possibly be packed in one tiny cigarette that you so casually smoke every hour? Its 8,400 -10,000 chemicals present in cigarettes. Cigarettes look deceptively simple, consisting of paper tubes containing chopped up tobacco leaf and it will deliver a steady dose of nicotine. In addition to nicotine the following components also present Tobacco blend, Paper, PVA glue and Cellulose acetate-based filter. Additives are used Read More

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen with Borax?

boraxSome times when we are in a hurry to go out or at the end of the party; general human tendency will forget to keep food items like cakes, sweets or sugary items in the refrigerator. Eventually this makes ants to invade into our kitchen or hall, as ants are sugarholic. Ants have been much less annoying as fleas, cockroaches and other pests but still ants make us annoy in certain situations. Then we start to think about to get rid of them from our surroundings. Read More