Sartime Horological at Surface & Coating Expo 2016

Sartime Horological at Surface & Coating Expo 2016

sartime-horological-at-sc-expoIn an interview, Dr V Ravichandran, Director, Business Development, Sartime Horological Pvt Ltd with Shivani Mody, Editor, WOC TV, talks about water recycling. We are in the business of recycling water from the plating as well as the painting industry. There is always water shortage in every industry. Instead of taking water from outside, the waste water generated is treated properly. Then we use the reverse osmosis process to reclaim almost 95 percent. Read More

Application Reader Technology: the art of innovation 

innovation-coatingsApplication Reader Technology (ART) device quantifies paint feel, helps manufacturers understand consumer preferences for architectural paints.  While paint colour is an important consideration for paint chemists and design professionals, paint application “feel” is key for those doing the painting. Paint producers understand that the ease or difficulty of rolling out the paint can form a lasting impression on consumers and strongly influence their perceptions. Read More

Potential Health Benefits of Limonene

limonineLimonene is a phytochemical which falls in the class of monoterpenes and cyclo terpene. Limonene name derived from the citrus fruit i.e., lemon and it is abundantly found in other plant sources like cherries, spearmint, dill, garlic, celery, maize, rosemary, ginger, basil, etc. This phytochemical generally occurs in two optically active forms, l-limonene and d-limonene. The d-limonene is the compound which is responsible for strong smell of oranges. Read More

Milk is a cocktail of nearly 20 chemical compounds

ss_dontmixmeds_milk_12-13-copyMilk is a nutritious liquid that is secreted by mammals and used to feed their young, and as food by human beings. Worldwide, dairy farms produced about 730 million tonnes of milk in 2011. Milk is a key contributor to improving nutrition and food security particularly in developing countries. Milk seemingly white beverage may look innocent, but the hidden ingredients packed into the liquid. According to recent studies on milk, scientists have found single. Read More