Chemical suppliers keep pace with global personal care markets

Chemical suppliers keep pace with global personal care markets

insights-personal-careChemical companies are working hard to satisfy the growing demand for ingredients that go into personal care products for the skin, hair, oral care and other applications. As a large, rapidly expanding and increasingly diverse market, product ingredients represent special challenges for chemical companies. Today’s consumers want more, they want quality and they want it now. But opportunities are evident as well, driven by a growing middle class. Read More


New solution for GHS-compliant chemical container labels

innovation-synthetic-paperChemical manufacturers around the world have devoted considerable effort to adopting the globally harmonised system (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals. A new label stock, made from its proprietary Teslin substrate, that is engineered to make that job a little easier – PPG Teslin label stock, was introduced by PPG, a global manufacturer of coatings, paints and speciality materials. Manufactured exclusively at PPG’s plant in Barberton. Read More

The bigger role of Nanoemulsions

academic-speak-nanoemulsionsIn an interaction, Ankur Gupta, a PhD Candidate (2012-2017) in chemical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA with Chemical Today magazine explains the use of nanoemulsions in pharmaceuticals, food industry and how the unique properties of nanoemulsions can make smart foods. I am currently working on the formation and applications of nanoemulsions. We have recently published series of articles. Read More

Industry 4.0 and the chemical industry


With more than 20 million people employed and annual sales of $5 trillion, the global chemicals industry serves as the backbone of many end-market industries such as agriculture, automotive, construction, and pharmaceuticals. Changes in the chemicals industry — such as the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 —are thus likely to have a ripple effect on a number of other industries. Industry 4.0 brings together a number of digital. Read More