Its Chemist Charles Macintosh’s 250th Birthday, Google Celebrates With Doodle

Its Chemist Charles Macintosh’s 250th Birthday, Google Celebrates With Doodle

doddle-1CALIFORNIA, US: Goggle celebrates chemist Charles Macintosh’s 250th birthday today by bestowing a doodle in his respect. He is the one who invented waterproof material. The doodle demonstrates a delineation of Charles Macintosh remaining in a raincoat and rain beads bobbing off him.  The world recalls him for his most prevalent development ‘Macintosh Raincoat’. Mr Macintosh’s childhood in Glasgow dedicated lot of his time to chemistry. Read More

How to make caustic potash?

potassium-hydroxidePotassium Hydroxide or caustic potash is an extremely versatile cleaning agent. It is highly basic, forming strongly alkaline solutions in water and other polar solvents.These solutions are capable of deprotonating many acids, even weak ones. In analytical chemistry, titrations using solutions of Potassium hydroxide are used to assay acids. Potassium Hydroxide is hygroscopic, so be sure to keep it in a sealed container in a cool dry place. Read More

High-performance additives to improve polymeric materials

products-plastic-additives-interviewIn an interaction, Hermann Althoff, Senior Vice President, Performance Chemicals, Asia Pacific, BASF with Chemical Today magazine discussed his views about the new generation of light stabilisers. The performance of the plastic additives business is tied to those of the plastics industry as a whole. In many instances, it takes high-performance additives to pave the way for polymeric materials to become what they are today. Read More

Greener benzaldehyde for sustainable future

academic-speak-benzaldehydeIn an interview, Dr Anjali Patel, a professor at the Department of Chemistry’s Polyoxometalates and Catalysis Laboratory, Faculty of Science, The Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) of Baroda, India with Chemical Today magazine opens up about her path-breaking research on manufacturing environment friendly benzaldehyde with promising ways of enhancing magnitude of industrial applications. She has bagged two Indian patents. Read More