Students learn Multiphysics modelling with Comsol

Students learn Multiphysics modelling with Comsol

it-in-chemicals-comsol-conference-1The room was abuzz with engineering students from across the country at the 12th annual conference of Comsol. Students were bent over their laptops creating models on Comsol’s multiphysics software. This was the view in the training rooms during the Comsol conference organised on 20 & 21 October in Bangalore. More than 200 attendees from different industries and academic institutions made their way to the event. The conference programme. Read More

ExxonMobil is fighting to keep its dangerous chemicals in children’s toys

exxonmobil-toys-1IRVING, US: ExxonMobil Corporation, as an energy giant makes sense that it is the world’s largest publicly held oil and gas company. Rex Tillerson, the company’s CEO, has spent his entire professional life highlighting the company’s corporate concerns over human rights, the environment, and the diplomatic interests of the US. These have driven him to be appointed as the secretary of state (US). Also as you know, the company is one of the world’s. Read More

Save energy or increase production speed with Uralac Easycure polyester resins

innovation-resins-1We all know that climate change is a reality. DSM, the global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, sees sustainability not only as an opportunity but as a long-term business focus. Over the last five years, DSM developed a resin portfolio for powder coatings, named Uralac EasyCure. This product range has a lower carbon footprint and can be cured much faster or at lower temperatures than traditional powder coatings with. Read More

Making of Potassium Hydroxide

potassium-hydroxidePotassium Hydroxide is hygroscopic, so be sure to keep it in a sealed container in a cool dry place. If you leave it in an open container for even a day, it can attract enough moisture to throw off its weight enough to ruin a recipe. If you leave it out for an extended period of time, it can attract enough moisture from the air in the room to turn completely liquid. When handling Potassium Hydroxide, give it the same safety considerations as you would. Read More