Scientists develop new material to capture CO2

Scientists develop new material to capture CO2

university-of-california-jeffrey-long-1BERKELEY, US: Twelve billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emit into the air every year from power plants burning coal, oil and natural gas around the world. And energy demand only keeps growing. The need to generate more electrical power can lead in two directions, and both exact huge costs. Power plants can continue to release high levels of the greenhouse gas, or they can adopt “carbon capture” technologies to trap and sequester some of the CO2 from emissions — but at great expense. Read More

Innovating with time

equipment-valves-interviewIn an interview, Brain Hoffmann, President & CEO, CPV Manufacturing with Chemical Today magazine opens up about the century old lineage of the company, which is constantly improvising with the dramatic technological shift in the global valves and fittings industry. Throughout 2015 and the beginning of 2016, as the worldwide price of crude oil fell, CPV saw a marked increase in demand for valves specific to the Chemical Industry. We believe that this was due to the large. Read More

For a drop of pure water

feature-water-treatmentClean and safe drinking water is the primary necessity of life. But with the fast depleting fresh water resources and the rising amount of industrial waste contaminating the remaining water resources, the necessity for recycling water to make it fit for consumption is becoming more and more important. Among various methods and technologies, membrane separation technology is rising as a reliable and safe way to purify water today. Water scarcity is an issue that every nation is battling with today. Read More

Growth engine for the plastics industry

event-coverage-plastivisionMUMBAI, INDIA: With over 1395+ exhibitors and 200,000+ business visitors, the 10th edition of Plastivision India, a premier plastics & polymer industry event was successfully concluded on a high note in Mumbai, India. Seeing over 400 exhibitors from 23 countries showcasing their offerings for Indian buyers, Plastivision India (PVI) is now said to be the country’s largest congregation of the plastics and polymer industry. PVI 2017 had special pavilions offering products, technologies. Read More