Role of valve positioner in achieving greater efficiencies

Role of valve positioner in achieving greater efficiencies

equipment-valves-automationAs plant network technology and infrastructures developed, innovations in valve positioner technology have likewise grown to meet these demands. Chemical and petrochemical plant owners and operators throughout the world continuously seek to optimise the efficiency and production capacity of their facilities. Developing a better understanding of how their valves and controls assets perform in the field and adopting preventive maintenance techniques to minimise plant. Read More

Innovation comes from provoking the industry to think differently

insights-pharma-1In an interview, Steve Duckworth, Head of Global Segment Healthcare Polymer Solutions, Clariant and Yann Ischi, Director of New Channels and Partnership at SICPA with Chemical Today Magazine jointly talk about the grave risk thatpharmaceutical counterfeiting poses on the world by potentially risking the health of millions of patients. They also open up about the innovations that Clariant and SICPA are working on to curb this menace. According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets. Read More

Coat of many colors

sector-view-paint-coatingsA layer of paint or coating is not just a colour. Today, it has transformed into an art, a protective barrier to the walls, a healer of scratches on automotive and protector from numerous microbes around us. Modern paint & coatings have donned numerous such avatars to be much more than just a ‘coat of colour.’ The paint & coatings industry is witnessing a steady growth globally supported by a burgeoning constructions industry, a steady automobile industry and an overall awareness. Read More

Quantifying, simplifying & gratifying the painting experience

expert-viewpoint-architectural-paints-coatingsIn an interview, Dr Prachur Bhargava, Coatings Global Marketing and Strategy Manager, Ashland with Chemical Today magazine delve into the rapidly changing global dynamics of architectural paints and coatings and the ways in which the industry is working to meet the customer demands. There are two key trends which are currently driving the architectural coatings around the world. Low-VOC paints: Regulations in regions like Europe and the USA are becoming increasingly strict. Read More