New chemistry will rule the market dynamics

New chemistry will rule the market dynamics

expert-viewpoint-water-additivesIn an interview, Mark Eyers, Director, Global Sales & Marketing, Water & Oil Performance Additives, Italmatch Chemicals with Chemical Today magazine talks at length about the global water treatment market and the latest trends that are ruling the business. About 3 years ago Italmatch entered into the water business with the acquisition of the Dequest phosphonates business from Thermphos. Since then we have grown via external development. Read More

Functional packaging is the need of the hour

insights-pharma-1-1In an interview, Ketan Premani, Head of Healthcare Packaging India, Clariant with Chemical Today Magazine delves into the growth potential of new-age healthcare packaging solutions amidst a burgeoning pharmaceutical industry, which is focusing on the safety and integrity of drugs. The global healthcare packaging market is anticipated to expand at a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR), owing to the growth of the parent industry. The healthcare sector is receiving. Read More

Manufacturing of Ethylene Oxide by Chlorohydrin Process

ethylene-oxideEthylene Oxide also called as epoxyethane, oxirane. It is cyclic ether, simplest epoxide with faintly sweet odor and colorless flammable gas at room temperature. Ethylene oxide is important to the production of detergents, thickeners, solvents, plastics, and various organic chemicals such as ethylene glycol, ethanolamines, simple and complex glycols, polyglycol ethers and other compounds. It is extremely flammable and explosive and is used as a main ingredient in the manufacturing of thermobaric weapons. Read More

Interesting facts about nitrogen element

nitrogen-3Nitrogen is a chemical element and it can be represented as N and atomic number of 7. In normal conditions nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Nitrogen makes up around 78 per cent in our surrounding atmosphere. Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients critical for the survival of all living organisms. Although nitrogen is very abundant in the atmosphere, it is largely inaccessible in elemental form to most organisms. Nitrogen is also present in other forms. Read More


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