Herbal medicines contain toxic chemicals: Study

Herbal medicines contain toxic chemicals: Study

university-of-adelaide-herbal-medicineADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: The misunderstanding that herbal medicines are ‘safe’ because they are derived from natural materials and have been in use for thousands of years could see people unknowingly putting their health at risk, said University of Adelaide researchers. Researchers have highlighted a range of issues relating to the preparation of complementary medicines (including herbal products) and their use. The researchers found that some traditional herbal preparations. Read More

Benedict’s reagent test for Monosaccharides

benedicts-testThe principle of Benedict’s test is that when reducing sugars are heated in the presence of an alkali they get converted to powerful reducing species known as enediols. When Benedict’s reagent solution and reducing sugars are heated together, the solution changes its colour to orange-red/ brick red. This colour is due to the presence of simple carbohydrates. In specific, the copper (II) ions in Benedict’s solution are reduced to Copper (I) ions, which causes the colour change. Read More

Atomic-scale view of bacterial proteins offers path to new TB drugs

rockefeller-university-tbNEW YORK, US: With the first detailed analysis of a cellular component from a close relative of the pathogen that causes tuberculosis, Rockefeller University scientists are suggesting strategies for new drugs to curb this growing health problem. Each year, nearly half a million people around the world are infected with mutant TB strains capable of evading existing antibiotics. The research, conducted by a Rockefeller team led by Elizabeth Campbell, in collaboration with scientists. Read More

Need of the hour commitment towards operational excellence

dsc_4782Exploring strategies, processes and technologies to drive excellence initiatives and continuous improvements. It was a moment to cherish, as the industry was seen speaking about their best practices for operational excellence, while the solution providers were seen explaining they’re tried and tested products for the industry. An intense discussion between the speakers and the audience was noteworthy during the OPEX Summit, organised on 22 and 23 December in Mumbai. Read More