Green tea compound has lifesaving potential: Study

Green tea compound has lifesaving potential: Study

washington-university-green-tea-1WASHINGTON, US: A team of engineers at Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) and with their German partners have found that a compound in green tea could have a lifesaving potential for patients with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. And who face often-fatal medical complications associated with bone marrow disorders. Jan Bieschke, assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the School of Engineering & Applied Science, studied how proteins fold and shape. Read More

Scientists develop new high-tech liquid material

anu-liquid-materials-1CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have controlled wave-generated currents to make previously unimaginable liquid materials for new technological innovations, including techniques to manipulate microorganisms. The new kind of dynamic material could be revolutionary, similar to other materials created in recent decades that have been used for invisibility cloaking, superlenses and high-efficiency antennae. Research group leader Professor Michael. Read More

Focus on Taiwan chemical industry

international-focus-taiwan-chemical-industry-1In an interview, Bowei Lee, Chairman of Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) and also Chairman of LCY Chemical Group with Chemical Today magazine speaks about the evolution, growth and challenges of the chemical industry in Taiwan. Taiwan’s chemical industry, especially petrochemical sector, is a backwards integrated industry, in which the fast-growing downstream business such as plastics or rubber products has supported the growing petrochemical industry since the 1970s. Read More

Focus on speciality chemicals industry in India


In an interview, Kashiprasad Murarka, President, Indian Specialty Chemical Manufacturers’ Association (ISCMA) and Chairman, Mirachem Industries with chemical toady magazine talks about the speciality chemicals market in India.  India’s speciality chemicals industry is valued at about $25 billion, has successfully delivered 13 per cent growth over the past five years, primarily led by domestic consumption. By constituting about 3 percent of the global speciality chemicals market. Read More