Oil & gas, energy and chemicals outlook in 2017

Oil & gas, energy and chemicals outlook in 2017

oil-gas-chemicals-outlookFor the year 2017, the oil & gas, energy and chemical industries must grapple with an uncertainty that stems from various factors including the OPEC deal, Donald Trump’s election, Brexit, slowing emerging economies, electric vehicles, and new regulations. The ADI team has assessed these factors and uncertainties in our outlook for 2017. Oil prices have recovered following the OPEC deal that Russia has joined too to cut output although its too early to say if the deal’s contribution. Read More

Kirloskar to use Honeywell’s eco-friendly refrigerant for its chillers

kirloskar-honeywellNEW DELHI, INDIA: Honeywell International Inc (NYSE: HON) said that Kirloskar Chillers, part of the Kirloskar Group, a Pune-based engineering conglomerate, is using Honeywell’s Solstice ze (R-1234ze(E)) refrigerant in its new line of chillers manufactured in India. The chillers, which are large central air conditioning units, are now available for installation in both industrial and commercial buildings in India, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. Solstice ze is an environmentally. Read More

Metamaterial Technologies, Airbus partner to develop laser protection product

covestro-mti-airbusLEVERKUSEN, GERMANY: Metamaterial Technologies Inc (MTI) and its optical filters division, Lamda Guard has entered into a new agreement with leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus to validate, certify, and commercialise its laser protection product metaAIR, for aviation. In 2014, MTI signed its first agreement with Airbus to test and tailor metaAIR, which is a flexible metamaterial optical filter, engineered to protect vision against harmful laser beams aimed at aircraft. Read More

Seal of safety on global food market

equipment-food-safety-1In an interview, Robert Packer, Portfolio Director – IR, Discovery and Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer Inc with Chemical Today magazine elaborates on the various parameters of food safety testing market that ensures the quality of food. He also talks about some of the latest technologies on board which has taken food safety to the next level. It is not surprising considering the huge economic consequences that a food safety recall can have on a food company that they are choosing to invest. Read More

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