2016: A mixed year for the German chemical industry

2016: A mixed year for the German chemical industry

international-focus-germany-outlookIn an interview, Dr Kurt Bock, President of Verband der Chemischen Industrie eV (VCI) and Chief Executive of BASF SE with Chemical Today magazine speaks about the trends, challenges and policies in the German chemical and pharma industry.  2016 was a mixed year for our industry. The German chemical and pharma industry kept its investments at a high level, and the utilisation of its production plants was stable. But growth in our industry was not as high as anticipated one year ago. Read More

New clues found for better nuclear waste cleanup

washington-state-university-technetium-99-1PULLMAN, US: A recent study of the chemistry of technetium-99 from Washington State University (WSU) has improved the understanding of the challenging nuclear waste and could lead to better cleanup methods. The work is reported in the journal Inorganic Chemistry. It was led by John McCloy, associate professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and chemistry graduate student Jamie Weaver. Researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Read More

EnzBond new technology to make fast, effective enzymes

enzbond-enzymes-1OXFORD, UK: At present, discovering the right enzymes for production in drug development can prove both prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, as identifying the right enzyme is a trial and error process that can see companies go through potentially thousands of enzymes during the search. This prevents the penetration of enzymes in the industries like pharma where effective and green technologies are crucial. EnzBond’s in-silico technology allows the company to examine. Read More

Solvent effects on chemical reaction

solventsA solvent can be any substance, that turns into a solution by dissolving a solid, liquid, or gaseous solute. The solvent is usually a liquid, but can also be a solid or gas. In our daily life, we will find the best example of solvent, that is none other than water. Solvent’s common uses ranges from dry cleaning agents, paint thinners, nail polish removers, glues, spot removers, detergents and in personal care products like perfumes. Solvents find various applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas industries. Read More