Sketching sensors with new conducting polymer pen

Sketching sensors with new conducting polymer pen

northwestern-polysketch-penEVANSTON, US: Two Northwestern Engineering graduate students are drawing circles around the competition. Daniel Hickox-Young and Luke Prestowitz developed a novel “smart ink” pen, which propelled them to the KAUST DIY Electronics Innovation Challenge, an international contest to encourage creative and inexpensive electronics. Called the “PolySketch Pen,” the patent-pending tool culminated from a course project in MSE 337: Introduction to conducting polymers, developed by Jiaxing Huang. Read More

Wacker presents silane-terminated binder for cementitious flooring

wacker-binderMUNICH, GERMANY: Wacker Chemie AG said that it will showcase an innovative binder for the impregnation of cement-bound substrates. Marketed as SILRES BS 6920, this low-viscosity binder based on the group’s alpha-silane technology can be processed into ready-to-use impregnating agents and thin coatings for concrete and flowing-screed floors. It provides flooring with excellent stain protection and has a color-intensifying effect. The dirt-repelling action of formulations. Read More

Oxytocin improves coordination in leader-follower interaction: Study

aarhus-university-oxytocin-1AARHUS, DENMARK: When standing in a crowd at a concert, clapping hands along with the music on stage, it may be that people with higher levels of oxytocin are better synchronised with the beat of the music than those with lower levels of oxytocin. A new study from Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) Aarhus University/The Royal Academy of Music, Denmark, shows that participants receiving oxytocin – a hormone known to promote social bonding – are more synchronised when finger-tapping. Read More

Banned chemical weapon used to kill Kim Jong Nam: Police

kim-jong-nam-1KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: The banned chemical weapon VX nerve agent was used to kill Kim Jong Nam, the North Korean ruler’s outcast half-brother who was attacked by two women who rubbed the substance on his face at the airport in Malaysia’s capital. VX is an extremely toxic organophosphate. A tasteless and odourless liquid with an amber-like colour, it severely disrupts the body’s nervous system and is used as a nerve agent in chemical warfare. VX is one of the world’s deadliest chemical weapons. Read More

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