Vitamin B17: Poison or cancer remedy?

Vitamin B17: Poison or cancer remedy?

BRENTWOOD, US: Banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the 1980s but to lauded by some alternative medicine practitioners as a treatment for cancer, the controversy over vitamin B17 rages on. Vitamin B17, also called amygdalin or laetrile, is a glycoside nutrient linked with cancer prevention in alternative medicine practices — and there are anecdotal claims that it’s actually cured cancer. It is derived from natural food sources and most abundant in seeds of plants of the prunasin family. Read More

Dymax introduces new conformal coating, Multi-Cure

TORRINGTON, US: Dymax Corporation, an American chemical and engineering company introduces Multi-Cure 9452-FC, a new conformal coating formulated with a revolutionary new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings. With a viscosity of only 20 cP, this unique 100 percent solids material provides a thin coating that is more environmentally friendly than solvent-based alternatives. The new multi -cure, light and heat-curable film coating provide good electrical insulation properties. Read More

AkzoNobel’s Imagine Chemistry challenge created more than 200 ideas

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: AkzoNobel’s Imagine Chemistry initiative has resulted in more than 200 innovative ideas being submitted by chemistry start-ups, scientists, research groups and students around the world. Open innovation initiative will lead to new commercial opportunities for chemicals business Developed in conjunction with KPMG, Imagine Chemistry was launched to help solve real-life chemistry-related challenges such as finding ways to revolutionise plastics recycling as well as uncovering. Read More

Henkel, TerraCycle partner to turn plastic bottles into slides

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY: Slides made from body wash bottles, adhesives packaging turned into watering cans – surprising? Well, it’s happening. Together with the recycling company TerraCycle, Henkel’s business units’ adhesive technologies and beauty care are breaking innovative ground and breathing new life into its packaging. In fall 2001, student Tom Szaky, 19 years old, visited some of his friends in Montreal, Canada. He was on vacation in his first term at Princeton University, there he watched how his friends. Read More