Chemours new nonstick coating for cookware

Chemours new nonstick coating for cookware

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: The Chemours Company introduces its Teflon Profile nonstick coating for cookware. Teflon Profile is based on a new technology that combines the proven, excellent non-stick properties of Teflon nonstick coating with long-term scratch resistance resulting in a coating surface that looks newer longer. This is a desirable feature for cooks, whether they are ambitious hobby cooks or professional users, as they need to worry less about using metal utensils and what the resulting scratches do to the surface. Read More

AkzoNobel launches new app for vehicle refinishes

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: AkzoNobel’s vehicle refinishes business has launched a new mobile app for colour matching. Body shops, technicians and painters across the globe can now get instant access to the latest colour formulas with this app. Designed to enhance mobility at work, it’s now available for download in the App store and Google Play store – continuing the company’s long tradition of developing the industry’s leading digital colour techniques and technologies. Read More

Lanxess membrane technology filters harmful elements from water

PITTSBURGH, US: Water is the source of all life. When it comes to wastewater the subject of this year’s United Nations World Water Day on March 22 – the goal, therefore, is: to avoid and recycle instead of conventional disposal. Lanxess is leading the way in this field starting with its own production facilities. For example, the volume of process wastewater produced relative to product output has fallen by six percent group-wide in the last five years. The “blue gold” is becoming ever more precious. Read More

Axalta introduces new sports equipment coating

PHILADELPHIA, US: Axalta Coating Systems has introduced a new premium quality polyurethane product, FlexBase 7700 PB. This is designed to meet the custom colour and impact-resistant requirements of the sports equipment market in North America. The FlexBase 7700 PB product line targets helmets and other protective equipment used in athletic events such as baseball, lacrosse, football, softball, hockey, racing, and other extreme sports. It features a premium quality polyurethane basecoat. Read More