Kraton to launch the next generation tackifiers

Kraton to launch the next generation tackifiers

HOUSTON, US: Kraton Corporation (KRA) said that it will launch the next generation of rosin ester tackifiers – SYLVALITE 9000. This tackifier is a biobased material for use in formulating premium packaging hot melt adhesives. SYLVALITE 9000 tackifier adheres to the most stringent colour and stability requirements while delivering the adhesion performance synonymous with rosin ester chemistry. Tackifiers are chemical compounds used in formulating adhesives to increase the tack. Read More

Shell opens new state-of-the-art technology hub in Bengaluru

BENGALURU, INDIA: Shell expands its R&D activities in Asia, opens a new state-of-the-art technology hub in Bengaluru, India. The 52-acre, custom built technology centre can house up to 1,500 experts working collaboratively on innovative projects worldwide. Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB) brings together R&D staff who previously worked at separate locations in Bangalore and also provides additional space for high-tech innovation and demonstration facilities. By housing all R&D staff in Bengaluru in one centre. Read More

AkzoNobel, ABT, EY launches new tool to track bio-based materials

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: AkzoNobel, Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co Ltd (ABT) and Ernst & Young (EY) have joined forces to encourage more transparent, sustainable chemistry. Together they have launched a new online tool which can track the use of bio-based raw materials in products. This will be the first tool ever to use e-certification to track bio-based content along the value chain. Many chemicals can be made either from fossil feedstock or bio-based raw materials, such as vegetable oils or sugars. Read More

Clariant to launch new colour shades inspired by sea

MUTTENZ, SWITZERLAND: Clariant to launch colour shades inspired by the colours of the sea: Marine Magic. The Marine Magic collection of automotive styling shades 2019 is based on Clariant’s colour know-how and observations of social trends, topics and industry developments. Clariant’s biennial global Automotive Trendbook presents the colour areas that will play a role in the automotive industry in the future. It includes analysis of colour popularity and offers innovative solutions based on its organic pigments. Read More