Benefiting with aerosol deposition in ceramics

Benefiting with aerosol deposition in ceramics

In an interview Pylin Sarobol, a research and development materials scientist and engineer in the Materials Science Center at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Chemical Today Magazine talks in depth about using aerosol deposition technique in ceramic coatings and how this technology can bridge the mesoscale gap between two established technologies – thin films and thermal spray coating technology. We are currently making advances on a solid-state deposition of thick films, using the room-temperature. Read More

Developing solar-powered catalysts to produce nitrogen fertilisers

STANFORD, US: Engineers at Stanford University, researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and SUNCAT are leading a multi-year effort to produce nitrogen-based fertilisers (growth booster) in a sustainable way, by inventing a solar-powered chemistry technology that can make this fertiliser right on the farm and apply it directly to crops, drip irrigation style. “Our team is developing a fertiliser production process that can feed the world in an environmentally sustainable way,” said chemical engineer Jens Norskov. Read More

Exploring newer areas in industrial coatings

During the Demonetisation move in the country, the Mysore, India-based company Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd (MPVL), which is run by the Karnataka government, supplied indelible ink (voter’s ink) to the banks. In an interview, Siddalingappa Pujari, Managing Director of MPVL with Chemical Today Magazine discusses the latest development in the indelible ink market and also growth potential of the company. The knowledge and demands of the people are undergoing a sea change. Customers are now asking. Read More

Coating stronger, strategic relationships across the industry

In an interview, Richard Jenkins, Global Group President, Coating Resins Business, Arkema with Chemical Today Magazine discusses at length about the way the architectural coatings industry is changing to keep up with consumer demands. The industry is also witnessing growing potential from sectors such as industrial and marine markets. In the architectural coatings segment, housing and construction trends drive the market. We begin to see regional differences based on the state of each economy. Read More