How do leavening agents make dough rise?

How do leavening agents make dough rise?

Have you ever noticed soft, fluffy, porous and foam nature of doughs? Even we might have observed in the batters [Batter is nothing but a liquid mixture of one or more flours made with ground grains or soaked grains that are ground]. But did you know the reasons or the agents behind this dough texture? The key ingredient which is responsible for this nature of dough/batter is a leavening agent. Sometimes this leavening agent is also termed as raising agent. Leavening of baked food products is usually achieved. Read More

Researchers resolve key question on TiO2, water interactions

RICHLAND, US: When a molecule of water comes in for a landing on the common catalyst titanium oxide, it sometimes breaks up and forms a pair of molecule fragments known as hydroxyls. But scientists had not been able to show how often the breakup happened. Now, researchers have determined that water is only slightly more likely to stay in one piece as it binds to the catalyst surface than it is to form the hydroxyl pairs. The result — water’s advantage is so small — might surprise some chemists. Read More

Scientists develop new solar-powered device to harvest water from air

MASSACHUSETTS, US: Severe water shortages already affect many regions around the world, and are expected to get much worse as the population grows and the climate heats up. But a new technology developed by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California at Berkeley could provide a novel way of obtaining clean, fresh water almost anywhere on Earth, by drawing water directly from moisture in the air even in the driest of locations. Technologies exist for extracting water. Read More

Automotive coatings market analysis and forecasts 2014 – 2025

The global automotive coatings market size was valued at $22 billion in 2015 and is predicted to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to the increasing vehicle production. The industry is projected to foresee significant growth as these products enhance the appearance and durability of automobiles and protect them from harsh environmental conditions including acid rain, extreme temperature, UV radiation, and foreign particles, according to a report by Grand View Research Inc. Increasing automobile production. Read More

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