Brazilian chemical industry outlook

Brazilian chemical industry outlook

Growth in the Brazilian Chemical sector, which has been strong in the last decade has been impacted by the slowdown in the economy, political challenges. There has been a consistent decline in the growth of the chemical sector which was once anticipated to grow close to double digits. Irrespective of this, the industry size is still large enough, with a strong outlook in the long term (10 years horizon). This sector today accounts for around 2.5 percent of the GDP, the fourth largest contributor of the industrial economy. Read More

Invisible coating preserves iconic stone structures threatened by decay

The stone monuments of Italy’s Certosa di Bologna cemetery have stood for more than two centuries as symbols of peace and eternity. But even stone does not last forever. So Enrico Sassoni, a visiting postdoctoral research associate in Princeton’s department of civil and environmental engineering, is working to protect the marble monuments and even make them stronger. “In spite of being apparently very durable, marble is actually sensitive to several deterioration processes,” Sassoni said. “Environmental temperature. Read More

Protecting steel structures in a demanding environment

Corrosion is a destructive force that will cause significant disruption to any steel structure left unprotected and so the need to protect assets when the stakes are high is vitally important. Perhaps none more so than in the potentially dangerous environments that exist in the oil and gas sector. In 2000, the Khazzan natural gas field was discovered in the Omani Governorate of Ad Dhahirah and is now the largest new upstream project in the Sultanate. Located around 350 km south-west of Muscat, construction began. Read More

New coatings to prevent pipeline clogging

MASSACHUSETTS, US: When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig suffered a catastrophic explosion and blowout on 21 April 2010, leading to the worst oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, the well’s operators thought they would be able to block the leak within a few weeks. On May 9, they succeeded in lowering a 125-tonne containment dome over the broken wellhead. If that measure had worked, it would have funnelled the leaking oil into a pipe that carried it to a tanker ship above, thus preventing the ongoing. Read More