Black phosphorus next wonder material for future electronics

Black phosphorus next wonder material for future electronics

NEW HAVEN, US: Discovered more than 100 years ago, black phosphorus was soon forgotten when there was no seeming use for it. In what may prove to be one of the great comeback stories of electrical engineering, it now stands to play a crucial role in the future of electronic and optoelectronic devices. A Recent discovery by Yale University research team tells that the material could possibly replace silicon as the primary material for electronics. The team’s research, led by Fengnian Xia, associate professor of engineering. Read More

Anti-reflective coatings global analysis and opportunity 2017-2027

An anti-reflective coating is an optical coating that is applied on any lens surface or optical element to reduce the reflection. In a typical imaging system, this improves efficiency as much less light is lost. While the primary benefit is the reduced reflection itself, an anti-reflective coating on something like a pair of spectacles helps make the wearer’s eyes more visible, aiding eye contact, according to a report by Future Market Insights. It also helps reduce the glint from a covert viewer’s telescopic sight or binoculars. Read More

PM Modi’s push for generic drugs to shift focus to chemists: IPA

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Patients may end up with drugs that “may not be effective at all” if doctors were made to prescribe only generic medicines as indicated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to pharma industry body IPA. The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) said that due to the nature of the current off-patent medicines market in India if such a step were to be followed, the choice of products will be shifted from doctors to chemists, not patients. Elaborating on the challenges, IPA secretary general. Read More

INOX Air Products to build six air separation units in India

LEHIGH VALLEY, US: Air Products and Chemicals Inc said that INOX Air Products Ltd its joint venture (JV) in India, will build six new air separation units (ASU) which will serve the growing on-site and merchant liquid industrial gases market in India. The six plants are scheduled to come onstream during the course of 2018 and 2019. In building these six new plants, INOX Air Products’ industrial gas market presence in India will continue to grow, and further strengthens the already established leadership position. Read More