Researchers discover new catalyst for efficient water splitting

Researchers discover new catalyst for efficient water splitting

HOUSTON, US: University of Houston (UH) physicists have discovered a new catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, composed of easily available, low-cost materials and operate far more efficiently than previous catalysts. That would solve one of the primary hurdles remaining in using water to produce hydrogen, one of the most promising sources of clean energy. “Hydrogen is the cleanest primary energy source we have on earth,” said Paul CW Chu, chief scientist of the Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH. Read More

XactCO2: Praxair’s innovative beverage carbonation fill system

DANBURY, US: NuCO2, a subsidiary of Praxair Inc (PX) has launched XactCO2 HP (high-pressure) patent-pending fill system, a permanent, scalable carbon dioxide cylinder supply system for restaurants and bars. NuCO2 is the largest provider of fountain beverage carbonation in US. The XactCO2 HP fill system is currently being launched in Denver, Atlanta, and the greater San Francisco area, and will be launched nationwide later in 2017. Cylinders are located inside the facility and connected to a small fill box located outside. Read More

Designer uses Covestro materials to create piece of furniture

LEVERKUSEN, GERMANY: Furniture designer Thomas Schnur has created a one of a kind piece, named “The Factory of Ideas”, using a range of innovative and sustainable materials to showcase Covestro’s product portfolio – much of which is used throughout the furniture industry.  Based on a cloud structure, which transforms into a seat, Schnur, aged 33, said he designed “The Factory of Ideas” as he was fascinated by the potential of Covestro’s materials, having spent time researching and experimenting alongside the company’s. Read More

Sabic unveils two impact copolymers for thin wall packaging

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA: Sabic expands SABIC PP polypropylene portfolio with two new high flow, injection-molding grades, SABIC PP 513MK46 and 512MK46, impact copolymers based on a phthalate free catalyst. These new offerings open further opportunities for packaging manufacturers and converters with production efficiency through shorter cycle times and weight savings through thin wall manufacturing. The new grades are developed to help Sabic customers to comply with industry’s organoleptic requirements. Read More

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