Research on decoding the first deep-sea mussel genome

Research on decoding the first deep-sea mussel genome

HONG KONG, CHINA: A joint research led by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has assembled the 1.64 gigabytes genome of a deep-sea mussel, which is roughly equivalent to 50 percent of the size of human genome. This is the first decoded genome among all deep-sea macrobenthic animals, revealing a complete set of DNA. The discovery gives wider insights into future research on the mechanisms of symbiosis in other marine organisms such as giant tubeworms. Read More

Sprinkling science over taste

Eating Tasty and Eating Healthy are two food options that never really go together. However, this neither stops consumers from checking the labels for healthy ingredients nor the food scientists from sprinkling a dash of naturalness in your packet of favourite chips. Most flavours in display on the shelves of a supermarket can be broadly segregated into Natural and Synthetic. But then, there is also a third category, called the Biotech Flavours, which is fast becoming an accepted alternative in the flavour business. Biotech Flavour is nothing. Read More

Biobased polyurethane in construction

Polyurethane has already captured the imagination and investments of various businesses across the globe. But that can’t be the end of innovation so this industry is now aiming to be a notch higher in sustainability and greener in application making way for bio-based polyurethanes. Rising concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, rapid depletion of fossil fuel, stringent monitoring of carbon dioxide footprint in large scale manufacturing units, etc. have forced various industrial operations to constantly think about ‘just a little more’ green options. Read More

Eat Tasty, Eat Healthy, Eat Natural

With the growing focus on food, consumers are now looking to eat tasty but healthy foods. Along with satisfying the taste buds, people are also interested in maintaining a healthy body. R&D and technology advancement are on the rise with the flavours industry wanting to create a bridge between good taste and healthy foods for consumers. One such way of achieving this balance is the use of biotechnology. Biotechnology is further enhanced by the increasing preference of consumers for products bearing the label ‘natural’ and by the vivid discussion. Read More