Boiler water treatment, a supercritical industrial process

Boiler water treatment, a supercritical industrial process

The efficiency of the boiler majorly depends on the feedwater used. Untreated water, such as water from rivers, municipality bores and taps can cause severe damage to the boiler. Hence, it’s critical to completely remove, or chemically modify the various substances present in untreated water. This is an important step in all chemical process which will avoid any potential damage to the boiler. The chemicals used in treating the feedwater are called the boiler water treatment chemicals. Boilers are mainly known for their heat transfer abilities. Read More

The state of the chemical industry: What’s ahead in 2017

Rising standards of living and a growing middle class in emerging markets will drive ongoing strong demand for chemicals, as more end-users in these markets purchase and use appliances, consumer goods, automobiles, and other products that require a growing use of chemicals especially advanced materials involved in additive manufacturing. But despite this slow but steady demand growth, the industry is experiencing significant disruption as we enter the new year. Relatively low feedstock prices, low-interest rates, shifts toward modernizing. Read More

Building a strong ‘Brand’ identity

As you walk into the gates of the plant, the hustle bustle of employees wearing hard hats and the roar of waves at sea, beyond the wall catch your attention. Anywhere you look, men are engrossed in work, running to complete their tasks and stick to the time schedules. This is surely an indication of a company moving forward as a brand, expanding to meet the growing needs in the country. GHCL has stood firm with time to establish itself as a well-diversified group with ascertained footprints in chemicals, textiles and consumer products segment. Read More

An opportunity for innovation

Most chemical companies see climate change, together with environmental damage, as a potential threat to growth (69 percent vs 50 percent of CEOs overall). At the same time, it is also seen as a major opportunity, as many chemical products help other industries become more sustainable. Many of the industry’s major players increasingly integrate sustainability into everyday decision making in areas like investments and portfolio management. They are also using it to identify new growth opportunities. Some have even started to quantify the impact. Read More