Sensient’s new added- value technology: Micro-encapsulated Fragrances Formaldehyde Free

Sensient’s new added- value technology: Micro-encapsulated Fragrances Formaldehyde Free

Sensient Fragrances hold a global position leverag­ing fragrance compounds, aro­ma chemicals and essential oils to provide best in class, sustainable and integrated solutions. We merge tech­nological developments with pure inspiration & creativity with mood trends, fashion and market factors that are valued by consumers. As the technology landscape grows, Sensient Fragrances is always looking into consumer´s and market trends to meet or anticipate their needs. While detergents and softeners were designed to provide. Read More

Nuvi landscape light relies on Polyone Resilience LS performance polymer

Hinkley Lighting, an innovative lighting manufacturer, wanted to develop a new light for its outdoor landscape category. Its design team wanted to break the design constraints of traditional luminaire housing materials for the LED light. Coated metals were the housing material of choice, but required designers to omit complex elements that would be too costly, not durable enough, or difficult for production. Compared to metal fabrication, which requires time-consuming secondary operations, injection moulded plastic formulations. Read More

Liquid crystal polymers global analysis 2017-2027

As frequencies tend to upsurge for the next generation of wireless applications, the integration techniques, as well as materials in radio frequency systems, are facing more challenging performance constraints. In addition, consumers are demanding repeatedly better performance with a minimal surge in price. The new material technologies must be identified that can concurrently tackle these performance challenges, environmental variation, frequency and cost, according to a report by Future Market Insights. The commercial production of liquid. Read More

Chemicals sector: Opportunities abound in this lucrative market

According to the GPCA (Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association, global demand for petrochemicals is expected to witness a rise in growth by 4 percent on an annual basis, which in turn is expected to drive investments in sustainable processes and products. With eco-consciousness on the rise, chemical manufacturers are seeking introduction of products that provide optimum performance without causing damage to the environment. The chemical industry is focusing on following environment-friendly solutions in their entire. Read More

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