Finding new oil basins boost oilfield stimulation chemicals market

Oilfield Stimulation Chemicals are revolutionary products that are designed to support and enhance the stimulation process during oil extraction. Stimulation treatments are carried out to improve or restore the productivity of an oil well. Oilfield Stimulation Chemicals helps in the free flow of hydrocarbons from wells, according to a report Future Market Insights. Read more



SDK supplies hydrogen made from used plastics to Tomoe Shokai

Showa Denko K K (SDK) started to supply low-carbon hydrogen gas made from used plastics (low-carbon hydrogen) at its Kawasaki Plant to Tomoe Shokai Co Ltd in Koto-ku, Tokyo. Tomoe Shokai is a retailer of high-pressure gases, headquartered in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Tomoe Shokai is a retailer of high-pressure gases, headquartered in Ota-ku, Tokyo. In cooperation with Tomoe Shokai, SDK supplies hydrogen gas to Shinsuna Hydrogen Station owned. Read more


Tosoh Corporation will be expanding its production capacity for high-silica zeolite (HSZ) at its Nanyo complex in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Construction there on additional HSZ manufacturing facilities is slated to begin in May 2018 and to conclude in March 2019 at a cost of approximately ¥10 billion ($1.49 billion). Tosoh produces HSZ in Japan at its Yokkaichi complex as well as its Nanyo complex and overseas in Malaysia. Read more


Lanxess AG said that it has doubled its membrane capacities at Bitterfeld plant in Germany. The market for reverse osmosis membrane elements is currently projected to continue growing at an above-average annual rate of ten percent (CAGR 2015-2020) in the years ahead. Because the plant was already operating almost at the limit of its capacity, Lanxess decided to double it.Read more


The Supreme Court of India has banned fireworks manufacturers from using five dangerous chemical substances that stir up air and noise pollution, an order that is likely to mean firecrackers with reduced sound and light effects this Diwali. The substances barred  are lithiumantimonymercuryarsenic and lead. Lithium is a metal used to impart red colour to fireworks. Read more