An Introduction Tin Element(Sn)

An Introduction Tin Element(Sn)

The discovery of tin is unknown as the time or the location of discovery was dated long back. Tools or weapons including tin was discovered by human’s years ago in 3,000 BC. Tin is the oldest man-made object that contain tin is the BronzeTin is the 49th most rich element in the earth’s crust, having 2 parts per million compared with 75 parts per million for zinc, 50 parts per million for copper, and 14 parts per million for lead. Read more



Singapore eDevelopment Limited (SeD) said that its indirect subsidiary, Global BioLife Inc (Global BioLife) will collaborate with US-based Chemia Corporation (Chemia) to develop specialised fragrances to counter mosquito-borne diseases and stress and anxiety, and for anti-viral medical applications. 3F (functional fragrance formulation) is a suite of functional fragrances developed for industrial and medical applications.  Read more
Toray Industries Inc said that it will invest Rs 1,000 crore for the manufacture of technical textiles in Andhra Pradesh (AP).AP chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has approved the project. The plant will be the largest among Japanese units in Sri City.The project will provide direct employment to more than 100 people and indirect employment to 300-400 people,the company officials informed.Toray is a leading manufacturer of fibers and textiles, performance chemicals, carbon fiber composite materials, environment and engineering and life science.Read more
The 3M Company has elected Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO), Microsoft Corp, to its board of directors. At Microsoft, Hood is responsible for leading the worldwide finance organization, including acquisitions, treasury activities, tax planning, accounting and reporting, and internal audit and investor relations, in a position she has held since July 2013. Read more